Better testing & less bugs

Browser automation tests allow you to simulate user interaction with your web application (typing text, submitting forms, clicking links, etc.).

Tests can be easily repeated, you can run trigger them periodically or after deployments. No more broken web apps!

Serverless architecture

There is no infrastructure for you to manage, simply submit your Puppeteer testing script to our REST API.

We will dispatch your test to correct region and process it step by step in real web browser.

Parallel browser testing

Submit up to 30 parallel Puppeteer automation scripts to speed-up your process and save your time.

Geo location testing

Test from 16 datacenter locations worldwide to make sure your users get perfect experience from anywhere.

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  • Up to 5,000 minutes of browser tests
  • Up to 5 parallel tests
  • Geo location tests
  • 50 / month
  • or
  • 500 / year
  • 600 / year


  • Up to 15,000 minutes of browser tests
  • Up to 15 parallel tests
  • Geo location tests
  • 150 / month
  • or
  • 1,500 / year
  • 1,800 / year


  • Up to 30,000 minutes of browser tests
  • Up to 30 parallel tests
  • Geo location tests
  • 300 / month
  • or
  • 3,000 / year
  • 3,600 / year


Please contact us for custom plan if you need more than 30,000 minutes or more than 30 parallel tests.

Possible service level agreement (SLA).